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You are in the deep end of the pool, alone and confused. You wander the tiled chamber in the building's interior, aimlessly, as your memory fails you. When you pass through the bright doorway, you'll find a pool and another area. Shit. Your heart rate quickens and your anxiety levels rise, but you spot a narrow ledge and climb onto it.

You can't afford to take it easy right now. The sound of a distant splash sends chills down your spine. As you round the corner to get a better look, something mysteriously vanishes. You proceed along the cliff. Sounds of nearby splashing. When you start out at a walk, you'll soon find yourself jogging, and then sprinting. Everything goes black as you fall on the wet tile and smash your head. The moment you open your eyes and smell the chlorine, it all comes flooding back. You want out of the backrooms desperately.

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